Have a Delicious Weekend!



I am sad to say I’ve had a bit of a backlash from my fall cleanse. All I want is chocolate! I will be making these brownies this weekend for sure . . . Recipe from Epicurious, photo from Black Eiffel.

And now, for some posts that I’ve found around the web. Enjoy your weekend!

Better than Botox . . . bangs are it right now. Kate has cut hers again. And, when mine get a little greasy, I either wash them separately or use a dry shampoo.

Check out this great website and magazine!

Love this heart necklace

Look at this 600 sq. ft. studio. I love the colors & the design makes it look so much bigger. This is one of the spaces you must keep clean at all times . . . .

Crazy urban art

“Wow!” is all I can say about this resort website.

I’m still on this ridiculous hunt for the perfect handbag and boots . . . this bag is at the top of the list, or any of these, and these are the boots . . . I think.

Wait till you see these political ads . . . unbelievable what politics has turned into.