Dinner Tonight



Ok, I admit it. I am a Martha Stewart junkie. I have been since I had my son — he even knew the name of her farm when he was a baby. When I go to look for recipes to share, her website is my first stop. She just gets it right every time.

I made salad above and the roasted cornish hen recipe below for dinner a couple nights ago — Very good, very easy. I even loved the salad dressing — it had enough tang that I didn’t mind a little creaminess. And, the roasted chicken grape/shallot combo was delicious. The grapes reminded me a little of cranberry sauce! This is a great fall meal. My kids ate every bite too.

For the salad recipe, I copied everything exactly and it was perfect. Although, pomegranate seeds would be a nice addition. For the chicken recipe, I used bone-in chicken breasts instead. It seemed easier for my kids to eat — and more meat. Plus I get a bit intimidated by those little birds. Make sure you check on the chicken — and baste a lot. My grapes got a little over done because I wasn’t paying attention.

Great, easy dinner!