Have a Delicious Weekend!


 Caramel apples are a gift from heaven!

Happy weekend my girlfriends, what are you up to? The Hot Mamas will be on the rocks Saturday morning from 8-10, come join us if you are in the area! It’s so much fun to work out with a large group of women — especially such athletic and tough girls! Truly a group of Hot Mamas!

I plan to completely relax this weekend, go to a movie and just hang out at home. I can’t wait! Here are some interesting finds on the web for your viewing pleasure. I’ll see you back here on Monday.

Check out these amazing wedding photos. Her gown and jacket are amazing.

I love this bedroom for sisters.

Love this kitchen conversion chart . . . would be perfect in my kitchen!

Oprah-fy yourself.

Flat-chested girls unite!

What exactly is a Twinkie made of?

I’m making these this weekend.

Remember this funny commercial? I think my grandparents had one.

Photo and recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I love her blog.