Go take a hike

So, as promised, here are some pictures from my latest hike up Quandary Peak last weekend. Quandary is a 14,265 feet mountain in Summit County Colorado. And, those of you not from Colorado, we have 54 of these 14’ers, as they are called. And I have decided at my young age of 44, to attempt to climb all of them before I die.

The one thing that happens (and maybe you’ve noticed too) is that when you become a mom, your passions and yearnings for trying new things get put on the back-burner. Well, for me, I just really needed some new adventure, so I started thinking of what is doable as a mom with a business. I know it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s something challenging and physical (of course) and I can get done in a day. The bonus, is that I’m doing it with my man-friend — something we can do together (always a good thing in relationships).

I think it’s important to continue to find new challenges, new things to get you excited and to make your life more interesting, more full. Maybe, it’s learning a new instrument, or taking an art class, or riding horses, but whatever it is, it’s for you.

And, now for a few pics . . .if you don’t mind!

We came upon a beautiful grove of aspens.

Ah, Colorado!

We brought our dog, Gunny. He’s a great guide.

The continuous uphill climb begs for lots of water breaks. Check out that mountain behind me . . .

That’s a lot of rocks.

Almost there!

Made it! After 3 hours and 6 miles.

What a feeling of accomplishment!

Thanks for reading . . . . and now, go find a mountain.