Storing nuts for the winter

Every fall I do a cleanse. Cleansing in the fall prepares your body for winter. It is the perfect time as the nights are longer, the weather is cooler & the body needs more energy to stave off colds and the other creepy germs that our kids bring home.

Cleansing is not a diet. Cleansing is meant to clear out the toxins that have built up in your body over the spring & summer. It’s like tuning up your car for winter.

There is also a spiritual and meditative aspect to cleansing — something that I haven’t really embraced the past few years, but I intend to give it a shot this time around. Meaning, lots of self-evaluation, introspection, yoga, long walks. A diversion from my regular routine for sure!

The beginning of the cleanse is easy. The first three days are basically the same way I live my life normally — except for the elimination of alcohol, caffeine and sugar. It’s only tough the first couple of days, then I get used to it. I figure, if I can’t go without those things for 18 days, then I’ve got a real problem!

Eating the first few days is basic . . . you can still have animal protein, but no gluten, no sugar. So, our first meal last night was a stir fry. My kids loved it and have no idea that it’s anything different than what we normally eat, except mom doesn’t have a cocktail!

So, here’s an easy, fast, healthy chicken stir-fry. I loved the fresh basil from my garden! Obviously, brown rice is substituted for the white 🙂

Recipe from my girl, Martha Stewart

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