Apple time!

Happy Tuesday Hot Mamas!

Fall is really coming . . . even though I’m fighting it. And, one of the things I do love about the season is the produce available. Apples are abundant and I love adding them to salads and savory dishes. But, I also love just plain ole applesauce. My grandma made killer applesauce — I can’t exactly remember how she did it, but I plan to ask my mom today and will share. It was very unique. Even though it was applesauce, my grandma cooked the apples so that they kept their shape. As soon as you touched it with your spoon, it would fall apart into saucy goodness.

Martha has a good sauce recipe, so I’ll start with that. I’ll be in touch later with Cleo’s recipe (that’s my grandma). I really wanted to name my daughter Cleo.

In regard to the applesauce recipe, I’d substitute agave for the sugar.