Monday move

Hi Mamas, happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend — I really enjoyed the beautiful weather here in Denver. And, I’m starting to get sad because the evenings are getting cool . . . and you know what that means. I really just love being able to throw on my flip flops and run out the door. But since the inevitable is coming, I think I may need to go buy a new pair of boots! I have my eye on these really cute engineer boots. Oh, and of course, I’m dying for a pair of clogs that I can easily slip into. And then there’s these really cute lace up boots . . . ahahahaha!

But, I digress. The exercise of the week is brought to you by all of those barre classes out there. Let me say, I took the ORIGINAL barre class in NYC years ago — The Lotte Berk Method, created in the 60’s. After closing their doors in 2005, suddenly barre classes have been popping up all over the place. The basic premise of the exercises are smaller movements, lots of repetitions and hitting muscles at multiple angles.

The exercise today is a variation of a move that I learned at Lotte Berk years ago. It’s one of my favorites. Try to do at least 15 repetitions of each move. If you don’t have a ball, try a small pillow.