I want to be there . . .

Oh how I love this photo (her hair, her bag . . .) It just takes me back to living in NYC. Did I ever mention that I probably think about New York in some fashion or another every single day? I’ve already told my children that when they are in college they can visit me there! Photo from Frou Frouu.

OK, so back to reality. I’ve been meaning to post some music and alas, my life sometimes gets in the way! Yesterday, after training all day, we took my kids to see the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It was cute — it actually had real people. I get so tired of animated movies.

So here are some tunes & a Rachel Zoe video I meant to post yesterday . . . and the post that was meant for today? You’ll see that tomorrow.

Totally silly, but it made me laugh at 6am!

Hot-n-Fun / NERD feat. Nelly Furtado

I Can Change / LCD Soundsystem

Space / M.I.A.

Undisclosed Desires / Muse

Seventeen / Ratatat

The Outsider / Marina & The Diamonds

Fireworks / Drake & Alicia Keys

Night Night / Big Boi

Get Outta My Way / Kylie Minogue

Lose Control / Timbaland