Elegantly waisted

Happy Monday to all of you. Red Rocks was really great and if you missed it, I hope you can try to make it next time. We will be there the first Saturday in August.

So, I’m at the gym yesterday just minding my own business — doing some core work. And, next to me is this woman doing the most spastic crunches. A lot of head nodding and no range of motion.  It’s always hard for me to keep my mouth shut, but I did just silently observe and I felt so badly for her. Abdominal work is generally meant to be done slowly. Try it. You’ll be surprised how much more quickly your muscles fatigue — and how much more you feel them working.

I’ve posted the clam before. I really like this exercise. Try it today . . . just lay down right now and do it! 2-3 sets of 15.

Now that my manfriend is back in town for a while, I think I may have some new videos by next week!