Have a silly weekend!

Bumper Stickers for your Sneakers . . .

Hello my friends. I am happy today is Friday. What will you do this weekend? I am planning to teach at Red Rocks bright and early tomorrow, go to Elitch Gardens with  my kids and hit the pool and go to a Rockies game (did you see the series against St. Louis? Loved it!) Just a nice lazy weekend . . .

I had fun finding things on the web last night, enjoy!

Summer Hair

Keeping my fingers crossed — My OWN show.

Love this table and the bright colors!

Love these measuring cups!

Need these! Makes your legs look long and gorgeous!

There’s my girl . . . she’s launching her Material Girl line at Macy’s– I’ve already done it once, I think I’ll have to pass.

I might have to make this for movie night.

I am into the waist bag— great for dancing, or concerts, anywhere you don’t want to put your bag down — I have a silver one.

Make your own Timex

I’ve never had a mint julep before . . .  sure sounds perfect on hot summer evening!

Stuff no one told me.

I need to try this ice cream

Fireflies in Gramercy Park — makes me homesick for the city.

Don’t you wish you could get photoshopped sometime?

I’m sort of obsessed with high-waisted denim shorts. I am thrifting this weekend . . . . The model’s blog is pretty cool too.