Happy Weekend Hot Mamas!

Hey Hot Mamas, what are you up to this weekend? I am finishing up my video for Oprah (yes, I said it), and getting reacquainted with my man-friend who’s been gone for months. My son is away at camp and the house feels so strange without him! But, alas, some good girl time with my daughter: slumber party last night — I’m already on I Carly overload!

I hope you have a refreshing weekend and you are able to do something fun! At least get a nice long workout in. Here are some things I’ve found on the web, enjoy!

Love the bright colors on this wall in Rio . . . . . Praça Cantão, Favela Painting

Okay, I’ve watched the trailer about 5 times and cried. This looks really good. Can’t wait for it to come out!

These are fun. I love clogs. You can even design your OWN! Way better than Nike. Maguba clogs

THXTHXTHX . . . . this blog makes me laugh out loud. I know I’ve posted it before, but it’s worth another mention.

These are so cute. Great for kids. From a French website called Milk & Paper — check it out.

How to set a summer table . . . . Remodelista — the video is inspiring as well.

Look at this adorable onesie . . . I’d buy about 10 of these — can you say summer uniform? Estella Baby Onesies

OK, I NEED to stay at the Parker Hotel. This photo does not do it justice. Go to the website — the videos are simply cool.