Enjoy your weekend!

Hello my lovelies, what are you doing this weekend? I am working in the garden, working out, buying a father’s day gift and hoping to squeeze in a movie — Cyrus. It looks really funny — here’s the trailer.

I hope you have a relaxing fun time. I’ll see you right back here on Monday. In the meantime, some finds from around the web:

Love the long tight skirt and the jean vest with those fun wedges! Topshop

Enough said. Etsy

Love this top with boyfriend shorts/jeans and a straw hat. Great for a backyard party.

If only I could get my man to wear this. I love paisley, and I love a printed shirt on a man. From J.Peterman (remember them?)

Disco City Bag . . . fun.

Strawberry soup — yummy on a hot day. I’m sure my daughter would love this.

Cauliflower, bean and feta salad — looks really good to me. From Smitten Kitchen

If you know me, you know I absolutely live for hats . . . I’ve never tried a turban. Hmmmm. Prada turban.

Great looking shoe from Madewell . . . I love Madewell.