Get some sun

Vitamin D . . . we all need it. It is necessary to build bones, keep inflammation down, boost the immune system and prevent cancer — even skin cancer. Nothing is more effective, especially in Colorado, than getting the real thing — the sun.

Plan to spend some time in the sun daily — 10 to 20 minutes is all you need. If you plan to stay out longer, then apply sunscreen after about 15 minutes in the sun. (Remember when you had to plan to put it on 30 minutes before going outside?). We are all worried about skin cancer, but think of the sun as medicine — use it in moderation and with common sense.

When you do choose a sunscreen, find something natural without chemicals. I usually get mine either from my aesthetician (for my face) and then at Whole Foods (for my body). I know the sprays seem thorough and easy — but they are loaded with chemicals. And, nothing beats good old fashioned lotion — it’s much better for you skin. Don’t forget to wear a hat too!

When you can’t get a regular dose of sun, make sure you are getting fish oil. I always say you should eat fish at least twice a week. But you should also take the supplement daily. If you drink it with plenty of water and with your breakfast, you shouldn’t get the fish oil burps!

We shouldn’t fear the sun — it’s been around forever, literally. Just use common sense!

Source: Mayo Clinic