What’s for dinner?

I don’t know about you, but warm weather makes me crave seafood. So, here’s another fish recipe for you . . . try to get fish in your regular rotation at least once a week. I know shrimp probably doesn’t technically qualify, but you know what I mean. P.S., you can always substitute another type of fish in this recipe. Cod or tilapia would also work.

Comments on the recipe: I’d use corn tortillas, and pass on the melted cheese (just use a little as a topping). You can just bake the tortillas on the rack in your oven until they are crisp — you can brush on some olive oil too. I’d add avocado and tomatoes too. And of course some salsa.

The main reason I picked this is because it looks yummy to kids, but still has an adult appeal. Plus, anytime you can throw some vegetables at your kids, I’m all about it!

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