Music Wednesday

Happy Cinco de Mayo lovelies! Somehow, I have managed to volunteer for a Cinco de Mayo celebration at my kid’s school and have a fiesta at my house tonight. I really need to learn how to say no.

Some of the activities today include: count the beans in the jar, pass the pepper, Mexican hat dance, Mexican musical chairs, among others. I was trying to figure out a Mexican red rover, but instead it would be the border patrol you would have to break through. I figured this might not go over so well . . .

Here’s the playlist we are playing today. It’s sort of a latin hip-hip/Reggae — I like the blend.

Have a margarita today, see you manana.

Let’s Get Loud / Jennifer Lopez

I Fell in Love with the DJ/ Che’nelle

Hey Mama/ Black Eyed Peas

No Hay Igual/ Nelly Furtado

Calabria 2008/ Enur

The Anthem/ Pitbull

Armada Latina/Cypress Hill

Lean Back/ Fat Joe

Swizz Beats/ It’s Me B#@*%es

Gasolina/Daddy Yankee

Hips Don’t Lie/ Shakira

Sauvemente/Elvis Crespo

Cyclone/Baby Bash

Beautiful Liar/ Beyonce & Shakira

I Love the Way She Moves/Akon & Zion

I Need to Know/ Marc Anthony