Happy Weekend

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheatre . . . . . . . if you live in Denver you love it for the amazing views of Denver, the great concerts & the kick-ass workouts!

This weekend, the Hot Mamas will be there to launch the season. If you are in town, come to class! Class will be from 8-10a. We will meet at the Lower North Lot on Trading Post Road. (Map). And, class is FREE! Any donations received will go to the Gathering Place in Denver. If it ends up rainy and cold, we’ll postpone until next weekend! Just check either Twitter, the online sign-up page or the Hotline: 303-296-2609.

My biggest nightmare . . . scary showercurtain.

Yummy smoothie, just add vodka.

I’m loving this room

Great lunch ideas for kids

Update your gray sweatshirt

If you haven’t seen it, you must see the September Issue. Fascinating woman. I love her candor.

I’m digging this crop top . . . very patriotic, don’t you think? I guess I’d wear a tank underneath . . .

What is this about? It seems pretty simple to me. “You have X Y & Z going on with your body, and here’s why: you’re obese. And here’s the dietitian that you are going to see to get your weight down”. Seriously, why do we tiptoe around something that we know is deadly and causing people so many problems? Not to mention the high cost of health care.

If I still lived in NYC, I’d take yoga here