Thursday Giveaway

Greetings on this damp Denver day. I have decided to add some giveaways to my blog. A giveaway is when I feature a business or a product/service and if you are clever enough, you may win that service/ product for free!!! What do I mean by clever? In order to be chosen, you will need to submit a comment that is either super funny, or creative in regard to the item that we are featuring that day. The winner will be chosen at random by my children — this way it will be really fair. Truly.

So, today’s giveaway is a Denver local business (sorry for you people out of state– read below for something more relevant to you).

I found Textured Motion through a client. She said “Teddi, you need to go see this woman — she is so gifted and intuitive with your body’s needs and you will have such an amazing experience”. Really? I have had thousands of massages, I wasn’t so easily convinced. So, I went to Hillary’s house in the Highlands — cute house, fun block. So far so good. A beautiful woman opens the door — pleasant and welcoming, check. We go into the room and there’s a huge bed on the floor and the room smells very fragrant, music in the background — interesting. I put on tan M.C. Hammer pants, laid down on the bed under some blankets and waited.

Hillary came in and the magic began. This was no ordinary massage. It wasn’t the standard start-face-down, then they do the same map of your back down to your toes, flip you over and done. Not at all. There’s stretching and massaging and warm compresses and lots of breathing. I was literally drooling. I was transformed. She really is gifted — and you will never go back to the traditional table-top massage again!

Today’s lucky winner will receive a 60 minute Thai massage. Please just send your comments — a winner will be chosen tonight! For more details about Hillary’s practice and Thai massage, go to her website.