Chicken tonight

Here’s an easy meal to prepare plus there’s not a whole lot of ingredients to buy. Get a free range chicken that has been fed what chickens are supposed to eat (happy chickens taste better and are healthier). Get chicken cutlets — or even better, get chicken that has been cut into strips already. The meat guys at WF will cut it for you — just ask. Also, you can buy garlic and ginger that have already been minced — it saves so much time and tastes just as fresh.

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Strawberry Pie, anyone?

Ok, so this may not be dessert for tonight, but isn’t it gorgeous? I absolutely love strawberry pie — it was probably responsible for the extra 15 lbs I gained in college. It’s heaven. The recipe comes from Shutterbean — I love this girl’s blog and her photographs. (I’m asking for a camera for my birthday!) Maybe a good thing to make for Mother’s Day — what mother wouldn’t love a strawberry pie?