Getting paid to work out . . . hmmmm.

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for a while. I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to “go there” in regard to something so hotly debated right now. But, oh well, here goes . . . Health care reform — I think we all agree that health care in America needs a serious overhaul. And, I think that we are on our way to something ground breaking. But for now, I think there are many tweaks and adjustments that will need to be made. As someone who has been in the fitness industry for 25 years, I can’t help but wonder why healthy habits aren’t rewarded.

After reading this article in the NY Times, I really thought about how money might be a great motivator for people to actually start exercising and taking care of themselves. Sad, but true. Obviously just telling people the benefits of quitting smoking or losing weight isn’t enough. But, what if, not smoking, or belonging to (and actually going to) a gym actually lowered your health care premiums? Brilliant. Some argue that it would discriminate against people — but I disagree. Let’s look at car insurance: bad drivers have higher premiums. People who are safe and don’t break the law pay less. How can we not see this as a great thing? Everyone benefits — people would actually get healthier and save some money too.

What do you think? Contact your congressperson.

Sorry to be heavy today — I’ll make sure to write about something really important tomorrow. Like the denim romper I bought in Chicago.