Spring Vegetables!

I love spring for many reasons. And one of them being the vegetables that are available right now. Artichokes have to be one of my very favorites. I love to just steam them and serve them with salted lemon butter (yes, butter.) I recently saw this recipe with salsa verde and it intrigued me. I am making it tonight. Why not try doing artichokes tonight for you and your family? Pair it with a grilled or broiled fish and you are in business. Get tonight’s recipe

Another one of my favorite spring vegetables is asparagus. If you’re not sick of it from your Easter or Passover dinner — try this recipe: Couscous with green and white asparagus & arugula Haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks good — and the recipe looks easy. Another great accompaniment to fish. BTW, you need to be having fish twice weekly — are you doing it?

Make your dinners interesting . . . try new vegetables each week.

Do you have a favorite vegetable recipe? I’d love to hear it.

Have a great day my friends.