Happy Easter weekend, friends

Well, it’s raining here in Chicago. So it’s off to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I’ve done enough damage shopping. But I did get a great outfit for Easter . . . groovy, paperbag waist city shorts and a darling white blouse with poof sleeves. In general I thought it was a good purchase — something I can wear a lot.

Hope you have a great weekend. Here are some fun things I found around the web:

Great centerpiece idea for Easter

White is the new neutral — who knew? I’m just glad to break out my white things again.

Time to update your bedroom for the warm seasons ahead.

OMG. Great shoe website

This is the coolest wedding I’ve seen.

Sweet print for a baby’s room

Check out this sweet exhibit in NYC

Bacon candy bars? Really?

Sports injuries . . . when to rest, when to tough it out.

Chanel for Target . . . my heart leapt out of my chest when I read this.

Adorable nursery decor by Joanna Goddard