Spring essentials . . .

After walking yesterday for 5 hours . . . yes, 5 hours straight, with children, I went to this cute store in Lincoln Park and finally bought some clogs! It was a perfect day — Chicago was in the mid 70’s! I was wearing flowered leggings, stripped top and a scarf. I was feeling pretty good about my look.

So, I promised some street photos — didn’t really see anyone I felt like photographing, but I did see lots of cute things in windows. So here are a few of my inspirations for spring.

I had a pair of these in the 80’s. I especially love the stripes/floral combo with the nude shoes.

A blazer classes everything up . . . and there’s that darn striped shirt again. I’m loving that persimmon bag too.

Denim ANYTHING . . . I did see this woman yesterday in the coolest denim jumpsuit with a zipper.

I must be off now. We are about to board the double-decker bus  — another gorgeous day in Chicago. What perfect luck . . .