Hip Swivels to work off those bagels . . .

I’ve jetted off to St. Louis with my family — my son took this pic at the airport. Of course our flight was delayed and the airport staff were predictably rude. I understand that we need to be safe, but I don’t understand the rude part. I just smile anyway hoping that it might catch on . . ..

I worked out extra hard today to counter balance the bagels: 30 minutes on the treadmill (raining and gray here), and then 9 sets of core, plies, curtsy lunges, and a couple sets of push-ups –almost an hour. Tomorrow group pilates on the reformer. Then to the St. Louis zoo — have you ever visited the St. Louis zoo? It really is amazing.

And now, your exercise of the week. Enjoy.

Hip Swivels are great for your core, obliques, back, & shoulder stabilizers. Make sure you keep the shoulders blades down, neck long and keep hips in an arc as you move them side to side. Do not let your back arch. Do 3 sets of 20-30 and try to keep your feet close together. For more of a challenge, try stacking your feet on each side. Try to feel the abdominals pulling upward and hold them in as you are moving side to side. Don’t go too fast! I would do a set of these and then do a set of push-ups.