Happy Weekend Hot Mamas

Have a great weekend my friends. I am off to Chicago for spring break with my family. I can’t wait to go shopping . . . .oh yes, and visit some great museums, and eat! I am bringing workout clothes and will be posting on how to squeeze in workouts while you are away.

Passover is next week. And as you may or may not know, Chicken soup is often served at the beginning of the meal. I think we all should learn how to make a good chicken soup. This particular recipe has escarole. I love soups with greens. And it’s always a great thing to freeze for later.


These women are obviously not mothers. After having a newborn dictate when you can have a shower — when greasy hair was not a choice . . . who would actually do this on purpose?

Fun shopping site: Stylecaster

Love this romper!

Time to make over the kids rooms . . .

I’m fascinated by European women, particularly French. They have such effortless style. Check out this French woman’s blog about French style.

Check out Kelis’ new song Acapella . . . my new fav dance song. Look for it on iTunes.

Great fitness tip. You can substitute a ball or even a pillow if you don’t have a roller.