Enjoy your weekend

As I was running yesterday on a glorious Colorado day in the 60’s, I noticed tulips coming up and little sprigs of green peeking through the cracks in the sidewalks. I was so excited to see hints of spring days to come. Tomorrow we are supposed to get a foot of snow . . . sigh. Looks like a great opportunity to get some things done indoors before spring really does come and all I will want to do is play outside.

Have a great weekend my friends. Some things I found for you to read:

Stuck inside? Check out these helpful tips from my favorite gal for spring cleaning.

Interval training is more effective for burning fat . . . no surprise to me, but thought you’d like to read about it, plus other time saving tips.

NY Times article about indoor vs outdoor training.

And things for you to buy:

CLOG ALERT!!! My next purchase . . . .

So cute from NOM. I am loving stripes these days.

Great bag from Need Supply

I love these pants