Is this you?


I admit it. I’ve done it. Texting while sitting in traffic, at stop lights, stop signs, and (God forbid) while actually driving. And, how many of us use driving time to return phone calls, make appointments and catch up with old friends? Watch the video from the Oprah show and I hope that you will be convinced to stop using your phone while you are supposed to be focused on your driving. And, shame on all of us for doing this with children in our cars. I see it every day now. Look around, everyone is on their phone — this is so dangerous, and we are all just turning into a world of cell phone zombies.

Stop it now. Make a pledge with yourself that you will not text, that you will not talk on the phone, that you will only answer when it truly is an emergency. I put my purse in my trunk so that I can’t be tempted. Whatever it is, I’m certain that it can wait until you are parked somewhere.

Do it today.