Healthy Breakfast

My clients are always asking me what I eat for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I truly believe that the way you eat the rest of the day depends on what you put in your belly first thing in the day.

The most important thing to remember is that you want something that will stay with you and something that your body needs to “work” on. Breads and cereals are easy for your body to break down and this is why you are hungry within an hour and probably craving more of what you just had.

The best breakfast that I have and really stays with me all morning is steel cut oats. The steel cut oats are different than, say, Quaker. Although if you had to choose between Quaker and a bagel, you would choose Quaker. Steel cut oats have not bee processed. And borrowing from Pollan’s Food Rules , you want to eat food in it’s most natural state. Not to mention that steel cut oats are an amazing source of fiber, high in vitamin B, calcium and protein.

Make breakfast fun for the whole family: Make a huge pot of oatmeal (note: get up a little earlier, it takes about 20 minutes or more), and then set out nuts, fruit, agave, low fat milk, and let everyone personalize their own bowl.