“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”

If you are struggling to lose weight, chances are it’s not your efforts in the gym. Although I’m sure your workout routine could use a few tweaks, what really needs to change is what and how you are eating.

I’ve recently discovered Michael Pollan’s book new book, Food Rules. I think even the healthiest people need to read this. We, as a nation, eat more processed food than any other. And, unfortunately our influence is effecting the health of the whole world. Other countries that used to eat mostly fresh, live food have begun eating more processed food and are becoming obese.

Forget the global influence, let’s think about our children’s health. Give your children good eating habits now. Teach them to love vegetables. Mac and cheese is cool every once in a while, but what our children really need are foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. And lean proteins and legumes to help their minds and bodies grow.

Of course the other beautiful benefit of eating this way, is that you will lose weight. You have to. When you eliminate processed packaged foods, you are cutting out half the calories. Get his book, it’s a short read and will be great inspiration to you.

Check out this NY Times article about Pollan’s book

Get the book

Also check out Skinny Bitch, if you haven’t already. I love the bawdy humor, but it also makes you really think about what you are eating and where your food comes from.

Enjoy your day — eat some vegetables!