Where have all the manners gone?

So, I’m on the treadmill yesterday. Note: I hate running on the treadmill, but I had my son with me and desperately needed a run. So, put him in the kid’s club and got down to business. Anyway, the run is going great — the tunes are working (because everyone knows that good jamming tunes are essential when training on a treadmill!), when here comes a woman setting up shop next door on an adjacent treadmill. All of the sudden I get this whif of strong perfume. What, are you kidding? Who puts on perfume before a workout? We’re working out, you’re supposed to smell. This is the only time it’s acceptable.

Ok, so #1, no perfume; #2 – no cell phones — have you seen these people? Is this you? Stop it! NO ONE is so important that they have to take calls during workouts. #3 -wipe the sweat off the treadmill/equipment and turn off the tv (I know, but sometimes you’ve gotta watch it). #4 – Share (’nuff said)  #5 – take conversations elsewhere (some people do come to the gym to socialize, but during a class? So inconsiderate to people who are trying to focus and get a great workout. #6 – no tummys unless you are in hot yoga. TMI #7 –