Eating yourself thin

Those last 5-10 lbs . . . impossible to lose. Right? Wrong. Especially after having a baby it seems like it is impossible to lose the rest of your tummy or slim down your hips/butt. I think it’s possible, but I know the biggest part of that is how you eat.

Ok let’s look at the skinny girl at the party: She’s sipping vodka, not beer or a sweet drink. She’s noshing on the veggies and fruit, not all those unidentifiable crispy items that never really taste that good. This is the same girl that when you are eating at a restaurant, she picks the fish and the vegetables.

This is not rocket science girls. You  have to eat clean.

Let’s look at breakfast:

Steel cut oats, walnuts, almonds, fruit, & granola.

Eggs, either hard boiled or scrambled w/real butter, poached. If you need something with that, a sweet potato, or corn tortilla

Smoothie — tons of fruit or frozen (I get a bunch of bags from WF), add flaxseeds, nuts, protein powder — use soy milk or rice milk before you choose milk or yogurt.


Sandwich with lots of veggies maybe with protein.

Sweet Potato — great thing for the office. Put a little butter on top, maybe a little cheese (don’t go crazy).

Salad — ton’s of veggies with or with out protein


Too many things to suggest but I will tell you that I absolutely love the Every Day Food magazine by Martha Stewart, I gave it as a gift to all of my clients/friends one year for Christmas — it’s really the best thing that I’ve seen out there. The others are great for maybe one or two items, but EDF gives you great ideas every night.

My latest favorite that I made tonight was the Steak salad — not sure of the exact name — the magazine is in the kitchen. But, it was easy and very satisfying. My kids loved it too — my daughter loved the carrot slivers.

So above is just a sampling there’s tons more. But you get the point: Eat clean, eat less. Breakfast is your biggest meal, Lunch, not as big, and keep your dinner light. When you nosh, nosh on fruit, or hummus, veggies, smoothie.

Now to the store:

Make a list, make a list, make a list. Plan your meals — you have to, or you will eat poorly. Make a menu for most of the days of the week, and then plan to have one night of pizza or leftovers. On those nights when you are going out to dinner, I think it’s cool to toss some mac and cheese at your kids, throw in some broccoli and your safe.

Back at home:

Organize your fridge so you can find everything. Prepare veggies so they are easy to snack on. Wash your fruit and put it in a bowl so you can grab it easily. Transfer your liquids out of their plastic containers to glass pitcher. Baking Soda in the back. Clean the refrigerator once a week when you buy your groceries. It’s easy if you keep up with it!

Ok, now go to it. You still have 6 -7 weeks before you are laying by the pool!