Whittling the Waist

Muffin top beware . . .

Some oblique exercises for you to do today. Don’t forget the cardio!
Hip Lifts:

Lie on your side with hips/shoulders stacked. Sit up on your forearm making sure the elbow is right underneath your shoulder and your shoulder blades are depressed (away from your ears) and retracted (in toward the spine). Maintain stability in the shoulder (meaning don’t let it move around — keep it still and firm). Now lift your hip off of the floor and lift it as high as you can without leaning too hard into the shoulder — making sure you are still maintaining stability. If it is too hard for you to keep your feet stacked, you can put the top leg on the floor in front. If it is still too hard, you can bend the bottom knee — but still keep everything stacked. If it is still too difficult, bend both knees — still keeping good alignment. Now you will try to lift and lower the hip about 15 times on both sides. Make sure you are holding your belly in, keeping your neck long and staight (look ahead) and breathe!
Try up to 3 sets of this — alternate with the other exercises below.
Hip Swivel:

Lie facedown, then come up onto your forearms and either your knees or toes. Either way, make sure your spine is straight and you are not arching your back. Hold your tummy in tight and slowly lean to one side and touch one of your hips down to the ground — keep both elbows on the floor. Then slowly come back to center and go to the other side. Think of making an arc with your hips — always coming back up to a flat back in the middle before going down to the other side. Do 3 sets of 20-30 and alternate with the other exercises.

Bicycles — Hot Mamas Style

There’s a million ways to do this. Lying on your back, hands behind the head laced, bring one leg up over the hip, bent 90 degrees, shin parallel to the floor. Other leg is outstretched either just hovering above the floor or up about 45 degrees. If your leg is hovering, just make sure you are able to maintain a flat a back. Now, twist your opposite elbow UP TO THE bent knee. Do not bring the knee in to you. Hold this for a beat then straighten the bent knee and bend the straight leg twisting the opposite elbow UP to it. Try not to roll side to side. It is a lifting motion that you want. Also try not to pull on your head — the hands are for support, not leverage. Do 3 sets of 30 with control and alternate with the other exercises.

That should do it for now. Enjoy. Lots of snow in Denver today — getting ready to go teach at the studio. Should be fun!