Bikini Body

It’s almost bikini time . . . are you ready to slip it on with confidence? Or, have you perhaps slacked off a bit this winter? It happens to the best of us. But, it’s not too late! You have a good 6-8 weeks to get that bod lookin’ hot. And in 8 weeks, I’m going to help you find some new suits!

First order of business . . . your butt, booty, tush, ass — whatever. It’s my bottom line — and the first place I look to see if someone is fit. So this is where we begin. Move the coffee table and let’s get to it.

The Plie: Stand TALL with your feet wider than your hips, toes turned out — making sure that your knees are able to point in the same direction as your toes. If they are pulling inward, then turn your feet in a little too. Now, scoop your hips so that your bottom is under you not sticking out. Try to hold a kegel, and tweeze your glutes– this will help you. Make sure that your spine is straight and your shoulders are back, tummy sucked in. Take your arms either out to the side, or put your hands on your hips and lower yourself down until your thighs are about parallel to the ground, then come back up slowly. Try not to rest at the top, as a matter of fact plan not to straighten your legs completely — just get close and then go right back down. You should do 3 sets of 20-30 of these. Alternate the speeds — some fast, some slow, pulsing, some with a hold at the bottom. Variety is key on these.

The T-jack. Stand with your legs together, arms out to the sides And, just like a jumping jack, you will hop your legs apart, but instead of hoping back in, you will hop in, but drag your toes back into the center while doing this — the extra drag will make you squeeze your legs harder and add resistance. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat this after every set of plies.

Leg kicks . . . this can be done a million ways. But the best are done if you are bending forward from the waist or upside down. So, put your hands on the coffee table, or the seat of a chair, back straight and flat, feet hip distance right under your hips. Start by bringing your right knee in toward your chest, then extend your leg straight back behind you — make sure that you finish with your leg parallel to your butt, or slightly higher. DO NOT ARCH YOUR BACK — hold your stomach in. Now, you can kick the leg straight back, or you can turn the leg out — try many different angles to hit different parts of your bum. Do this at least 25 times — 3 sets per side. Ouch!

Hip Lifts — Lie on your back, knees bent feet flat on the floor. Curl your hips off the floor until you are basically only on the back of your shoulders. Now, lower your body back down to the floor — slowly — feeling each vertebrae as it touches down until your butt taps to the floor. Try to kegel at the same time and keep your hips scooped and stomach in — this will keep you from feeling it too much in your hamstrings. If you want more of a challenge do it with one leg in the air — hold it parallel to the working leg. Do these 20-25 times 3 sets per side.

Prone Leg Scissors — Lie on your stomach with arms folded on floor in front of you with forehead resting on your forearms, legs apart in a V. Keeping the head down, lift the legs up and bring them toward each other and cross them left over right, then open the legs back to the V and touch the floor, lift them back up and cross right over left, then open back to the V. Do this 30 times — 3 sets.

OK, here’s your start. Make sure you are doing cardiovascular work to burn calories — because just doing this floor work alone is not going to get you the results you want. So, get out for a run, or a challenging bike ride, a very brisk walk, trail walk/run, swim, aerobics class, dance class. Something to get your heart pumping and do this for at least 30 minutes AT LEAST 4 times a week.

Start tomorrow . . . more to come. I’ll have video soon. I lost my camera snow boarding.