She did it again

Oprah did it again. Her show today was about moms. But not your typical nauseating kind of mom show. A show that was real and illustrated that moms are human — not super humans. That we make mistakes and live a life where we aren’t necessarily ever the top priority.

We all get down on ourselves and have crazy expectations of what we should be doing. Something that I am always trying to tell my clients is that we all have a different definition of what motherhood is. We are all unique and have special talents — we define who we are as mothers, wives & girlfriends. And it is so easy to judge and to say “well, I would never do that”. Realizing that we are all unique creatures, we need to stop judging and start supporting each other. And we need to get REAL.

How many of you are afraid to admit that sometimes it truly sucks to be a mom? How many of you wish you could just take off in your car and never come back? It’s crossed my mind, I’d never do it — but it sounds tempting. The point is, we all have these feelings of loss — losing our old selves. As a mom, we have to reinvent who we are. We can’t be that young woman anymore. But this is exciting news . . . there are so many things we can do — so many opportunities to try new things. You just have to open your mind — and get out of the rut you are in.

In the end, our goal is the same. We want happy, fulfilled lives with our families. Getting there is our own individual journey.