The fine art of lunging

Everyone who works out does the lunge. But are you doing it right? There are all kinds of lunges: forward, backward, to the side . .

Forward lunge: more of a leg builder, has more impact on the knee, but you do feel them more for sure. Get’s your hr up and works your bootie nicely. Adding weight is probably not necessary unless you are a man or really need to add some girth to your thighs. Make sure you keep your knee over your ankle, hips aligned, stomach pulled in. You can also add arm motions like an upward reach or a twist to make it more of a total body exercise. If you do add weights, keep ’em small!

A backward lunge has less impact and even adds a great stretch to the hip flexor. It’s a much more graceful move, and in my opinion much better for a woman’s physique. Adding light dumbbells (3-5 lbs) will also tone the arms and strengthen the core. Try a backward lunge with a forward raise, or a backward lunge with your hands laced behind your head then add a twist.

Try above exercises doing about 3 sets of 20-30 repetitions. Make sure you stretch the hamstrings and quads before and after!

Let me know how it goes!