It’s time to unplug and be more present

When my 6-year-old told me I am on my computer all of the time, I realized she was right. Do you have specific computer/work time when you are at home? What about phone calls? We can Facebook, Twitter, text, call at anytime of day. I think we are TOO available. And at the detriment of our personal relationships. And, what are we teaching our children? I see moms/nannies on the phone all the time in front of their children in the park, grocery store, the car (not to mention dangerous). We need to stop. We have turned into this society of unavailable, unpresent, ADD adults. I hate to think how our children are going to be effected by this.

Start now by making specific hours that you are on your computer and when you return phone calls. Turn off your phone on the weekends and don’t return work emails over the weekend. Let’s all try harder to be more present with our kids, husbands, friends and teach our children to prioritize our time.