I was saddened this weekend when I learned that a former client and her family were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. They were sleeping in a beautiful home in Aspen on Thanksgiving night — all together in bed. It’s hard for me to get that picture out of my head.

A loss like this is unfathomable. And I am certain that their family and close friends are devastated. It’s hard to understand why these things happen. And yet, I figure if there is a way to die I would find peace in knowing that I would be with my husband and children.

What goes through head most is how their day went. Were they kind to each other on their last day on this planet? Did they express their love to each other? Were they having fun? Were they happy?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day bullshit. But can you see through all the shit and find what really matters? Perspective, my friends is always easy following a tragedy. The challenge for me is to not get lost in the routine of life but to realize that this could very well be my last day and live it accordingly.