A place of your own

The Dalai Lama says “spend some time alone every day”. He’s obviously not a mother. But his advice is valuable and is something we should all strive for. Time alone in your car doesn’t count — although it is heaven (especially if you resist the urge to talk on the phone and just turn on your music). I mean, quality time alone. That could be time meditating (remember on Seinfeld when Putty was on the airplane and he was just going to stare at the back of the seat? — that’s me.), or exercising, reading a book, playing an instrument, doing a hobby, etc. Something that you can call your own, and look forward to it.

I am in the process of turning my office in my house into a reading/yoga/meditation room for just this reason. I don’t have any place to go in my house that is a retreat. A place where I can shut the door and get some time alone. So my challenge to you is to find a place that belongs to you. Make it comfortable and welcoming and warm. If it is a workout space, get everything you need . . . stereo/tv/weights/mat/dvds don’t forget your Hot Mamas Conditioning workouts! On the wall, put pictures that motivate you, and poems or quotes that inspire; things that are unique to the woman that you are.

Once you have your space — then create space in your schedule for YOU!