Hot Mamas on the news

OK, I admit it. I love being on tv. It’s just fun. Although I do have a Bobby Brady moment before I actually feel like I’m making any sense. (If you don’t get this reference, then you are too young). Plus I’m amazed how small the studio actually is in comparison to what it looks like on t.v.

So we had the priveledge of being on 9News in Denver for a workout segement. Susie Wargin is adorable and I was thrilled that she asked us to demonstrate some moves from my DVD. The girls were looking hot as usual and we were pumped. I just had them do some butt exercises (because that’s all women like to do) and I threw in some pushups to impress the viewers. All in all I think it went well.

Here it is. Notice the veins in my neck . . . I need to do some serious stretching.