We are all sheep

I miss New York. Here’s why — it’s not taken over by malls and chain stores (except for the tourist areas). Here in my fishbowl city called Denver, everyone shops at the same stores. Hence, we all look the same. Yes, you have the internet, but I hate shopping on the internet. There’s no satisfaction. I need that rush that I get when I walk into a store and see all the pretty things calling to me.

Same thing with hair and makeup. What has happened to our creativity? It’s just hair, people. It grows. I have a client who said she loves having short hair but doesn’t want to look butch, her husband likes long hair, and she doesn’t want to be the only girl without long hair. Why not? First of all, who cares if she is butch — But why not make a statement — take a stand. If more women cut their hair maybe we would see just how attractive it is and that we should do what we want with our hair and stop trying to please the man.

Seriously. We are all starting to look like clones.