Be a little selfish, please.

You know I work with moms all day long. And fairly often we talk about life as a mom, etc. One new theme that keeps on popping up is the guilt that comes from asking for a little time for yourself away from kids. I’m not understanding why husbands don’t see the importance of allowing their wives to have some alone time.

It is essential for all people to have time alone to regenerate. And especially the stress that comes from being a mom requires that we have a little “me time” so as not to get ourselves put in a home.

The idea that we are actually “asking” for time is appalling enough. I don’t mean to go all Gloria Steinem on you, but this really chaps my hide.

If this sounds like a situation you are going through, then you need to make a schedule that includes some time set aside to nurture yourself. This could mean going for a run or going to the gym, spending time with friends, getting a wax, going to the library, shoe shopping, whatever. Doing something that give you some much needed time for yourself. Even if it is running errands.

Studies show that women who are able to have some alone time are much more patient, content and PRESENT. This benefits your husband too. We are much more able to give to our families when we have had a chance to revive ourselves.

So the next time you hesitate to find some time for yourself because it seems selfish, remember that it’s actually not selfish at all. And your family will come to encourage it because they will see how good it makes you!