A layette for mom and baby

All moms-to-be bring a layette to the hospital for the new baby. That’s what you do. New baby = new clothes. What about mom? If you’re like me, you brought a pair of jeans from before you were pregnant thinking that you were actually going to be able to squeeze into them. I got mine up to my knees . . . .thank God I still had my pregnancy pants. What a downer to put on your old yucky clothes that have been your uniform for the past three months at least.

The solution? Buy yourself a layette too. A new outfit for yourself to go home with the new baby. Genius. Something that is a little roomy, like drawstring pants, or pants from Juicy . . elastic waist, comfortable and stylish! Get a couple pairs of these pants, and some cool, hip tops that are also forgiving to your still pregnant looking belly. Your new mama uniform . . . the Hot Mama’s uniform.

Don’t fall into the trap of torturing yourself until lose enough weight to get back into your old clothes. You are already going to be feeling out of sorts with your “new” physique — so make yourself feel better by getting some new things that fit and look good on you NOW. Then, you can reward yourself later with new clothes once you’ve lost the baby weight.

Workout clothes fall into this category too. Get yourself a new workout outfit so you feel attractive while working out. There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting spandex — while you are trying to get back into shape! I love Beyond Yoga’s pants from Daisysports.com — they are so comfortable and make your bum look great!

Just one more thing to add to your list. Oh, and don’t forget the grandma underpants — you didn’t really think you’d be wearing a thong?