Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning . . . as much as I dislike cleaning, it’s great every spring to go through closets, cabinets, etc. and throw things away. I recently did this with my pantry and refrigerator. Things like old condiments, spices, crackers, everything.  I also  go to my client’s homes and clean things out.  And what  I’ve noticed is the disproportionate amount of “premade” foods in everyone’s cabinets (including mine, although mine’s gotten better).  As our lives speed up, we do things like buy foods that need little or no effort on our part. I think this is a big mistake nutritionally. In the age of protein shakes, vitamin shakes and on the go foods, we are sacrificing what our bodies really need . . . REAL FOOD. I go to Whole Foods  weekly and I fall into the trap of buying foods there that I would never buy elsewhere. But, since it’s at Whole Foods, it must be great right? Not necessarily. Just because it is a healthier version of something you would find elsewhere, does not mean that it’s healthy.

Nothing replaces real live food. So, what do you do as a busy person these days? Do you eat out all the time, do you cook at all? How many things come out of a box in your house? What do you snack on that is good for you? I am from the school of how many hands has a food gone through? How much processing? I think closest to nature is best. Your body know what to do with it. And if you are eating real food, your body has to work on it. And that is key if you are trying to lose weight.

Planning your meals every week is a must! Find a couple monthly food magazines that you enjoy and subscribe to them. Then, find a time every week to plan your meals and shop. Maybe plan for 4-5 meals and realize that a couple of times you might go out or do something else.  Try to have a variety of foods that include fish at least once a week.  The beauty of a new magazine is that they incorporate what is in season which is important too. You should also try to buy as much locally grown food as possible as it is always more fresh (plus it supports our local farmers).