Monday Move

August 15, 2011 Comments Off

Happy Monday, how was your weekend? I was a bit of a social butterfly and am definitely feeling it today — I think I’ll be taking the week off of all most alcohol. Red wine is still necessary an option.

I’m still obsessed with finding the perfect butt routine (hence Kim Kardashian’s rear), I’ve heard her ass was surgically enhanced — what do you think? Ahem, anyway, I have some trainer peers who were featured in an article on the best butt exercises. So, I thought I’d share them with you. Since the people who shot my video seem to either be on vacation, or they’ve gone out of business.

Here is the link to the article. Enjoy — these are Teddi approved — I used one last week in my butt class.

Recipe tomorrow . . .

Getting back on track

August 10, 2011 Comments Off

We’ve all fallen off the wagon. And, it’s easy to do — especially when you are out of your routine. Vacations often throw people off, because, well, you’re on vacation. And it’s those times in your life that I think you should be allowed to eat desserts and imbibe more than usual (I don’t mean you should get ridiculous, but I think you knew that).

Just so you know, I am human. I fall off the wagon too. Lately, I’ve been eating lots of bread from the basket at restaurants (instead of nibbling on just one piece), eating dessert pretty much every day, crackers and cheese and lots of wine/scotch & vodka. I tell you this, because I struggle with the same issues that you do. I guess the difference is that I feel bound to higher standard since I am the trainer and it is my job to be a good example. And, truth is, most of the time it’s easy for me. I think mostly because this has been my lifestyle for 25 years and I have years of good habits behind me. So, when I do “fall”, it’s not too tough for me to get back to where I was. I know this may or may not be the case for you. Maybe you struggle to get to the gym/a class. Or, eating the right things is really tough. But what you do need to know, is that having a healthy lifestyle is practice and effort. And sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t. But, you don’t give up.

What do I do to get back on track? Well, I pretty much cut back on all gluten (my diet is basically gluten free anyway) sugar and alcohol. I focus on eating clean. In addition, I step up my cardio routine. I do cardio (in addition to my regular daily workouts) every day for at least 30 minutes. With that extra bit of focus on diet and adding cardio to the mix, I usually see a change within a week. And once I start to feel and look better, that’s usually all the motivation I need.

What do you do to get back on track? I’d love to hear.

Embracing My Culo

July 27, 2011 Comments Off

I’m about to board an airplane to Miami and usually before I go on a beach vacation, I’ve honed my body for weeks in preparation. Not to say I am not on consistent body maintenance, but before a trip, I definitely step it up a bit. But, things are a bit different this time. So I’ve decided to embrace my inner Latina and accept what’s happening to my ass. (No offense to my Latina friends) I know what you’re saying to yourself, but I know my body. And, as of late, I’ve had to do less cardio to save my arthritic knees. And, I’ve seen some things happening back there. Oh well. I can’t run with any consistency anymore, so I’m going to have to come up with some alternatives. I’m not really giving up — but I am on vacation and I am not going to obsess and ruin my good time. Which is really what I’m trying to tell you in this post. Sometimes you have to let it go.

I’m off to Miami, where people boldly go and wear thongs on the beach — even when they probably shouldn’t. And where I will be eating tostones and drinking beer . . . and enjoying every minute of it.

Have a fun weekend!

July 22, 2011 Comments Off

Hi my friends, what are you doing this weekend? We are headed back up to Red Rocks again for another killer workout. If you are in town, you should come join us! Details will be on the Hot Mamas Facebook page or on my website.

I completely forgot to tell you that I am going on vacation! We had been debating for a couple months about where to go, but in the end, we decided on Miami again. We both just love the heat and the culture. I’ll be posting intermittently, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some fun things I found on the web this week:

Knuckle Tattoos (as seen above) look fun and ghettolicious

Stylemint– Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s new brain-child. Fabulous, and I’ve already ordered my first tee!

Cool tees/dresses from Surf Bazaar in Montauk

Even in this heat, I’m loving these boots!

I’m making these tonight — Delicious with a skinny margarita!

Nowness — great photography

New joint from Robin Thicke — love his new sound.

Love these high-tops from Nike!


Winning! Never interested in 2 and half men until now . . . .

I have my eyes on you:

July 16, 2011 Comments Off

My first fall purchase — Aha!

Gucci. Love. Love. Love.

Bold lips (photo by Melvin Sokolsky)


Beautiful video. My favorite place on earth. Can’t wait to go in the fall!

I’ll have an adult scoop, please.

July 14, 2011 Comments Off

In the midst of all my preaching about anti-cellulite this, and eat clean that . . . I’m going to confuse you now by saying “For God’s sake have an ice cream cone!”

Last night we went to Proto’s pizza for dinner (my favorite pizza in town) and then we went to Little Man ice cream in the Highlands. (P.S. have you been to Linger yet? Or Goldyn? I peeked my head into both & I have to get back there stat!) Anyway, you know, pizza and ice cream — not my first choice in the realm of things to eat that are good for you. But, in life, you have to have pizza and ice cream every once in a while. You just do. Life is too damn short and pizza and ice cream are too damn good not to. Should it be a weekly thing? No. But an occasional fun thing that you do with your family? Hell yes.

Your lifestyle, i.e. the things you do, the way you eat should in general be healthy. Full of activities that nurture your mind and body and what you eat should nurture you as well. I really have a hard time with people who are always on some diet or another. If you just ate well in general you wouldn’t have to be on a diet all of the time. And, as we age, you can’t always have the mentality: “well I deserve that entire bread basket, or I’m running late, I’ll just order the muffin” . . . you must develop good habits that will last your entire life. Keeping healthy food in your home (tons of fruits and vegetables) — and clearing out all of the crap. Being a good example for your children — by not giving them chicken nuggets and mac and cheese all of the time. Your life is long, hopefully, and you should always be practicing good health — however; in the midst of that, part of being healthy is also not completely restricting yourself all of the time. And a homemade yummy cone from a local ice cream man is a perfect treat!

Monday’s Move — it’s like eating your spinach . . .

July 11, 2011 Comments Off

Hi Mamas, how was your weekend? I spent some much needed time with my bf — we had a romantic dinner out and saw Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it? I just love Woody Allen movies. Although, it doesn’t matter what movie I go to or what time of day, I always fall asleep at some point. Does that happen to you? I think it’s motherhood, really. I’ve been tired for 13 years . . .

We had a great turnout at Red Rocks on Saturday — I was so impressed with everyone’s efforts and focus. I noticed all of the other groups noticing us and I felt like a proud mama. I love all of the groups of people working out there and I love the energy. It’s so inspiring to a girl like me. P.S. I was incredibly sore all day Saturday and basically laid around the rest of the day. Probably not something I should share — but just so you know I am human.

Today’s exercise is from my old videos — one that I’ve never posted. It’s a good one for your entire backside (and yes, it’s still butt month at Hot Mamas!). Just make sure you focus on sucking your stomach in and keeping your spine long (eyes toward the floor). This is actually a good one for your butt . . . pay attention to your lower back and make sure it’s not screaming at you to stop.

Hope your Monday is fantastic and I’ll see you tomorrow with a great “anti-cellulite” recipe. Did I tell you I am thinking about doing a cellulite study? I will need some volunteers, so if you are interested, send me an email :)

The anti-cellulite diet and other secrets . . .

July 6, 2011 Comments Off

Hi Mamas, how was your holiday? I’m back from my mini-vacation and ready to hit Red Rocks this Saturday . . . if you are in town, you simply have to come! It’s the only time I truly feel a head-to-toe workout.

Well, what has started as butt week has now turned into butt month. And today, I am going to begin talking about what to eat to help make those disgusting dimples disappear. P.S. I have some too . . . but I am constantly battling them and have been since college.

What exactly is cellulite? Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat push up against connective tissue underneath the skin. Why the tush area? The skin in this area is thinner and also one that tends to carry more fat. You do sometimes see it on the tummy or on the back of your arm — but more often, mostly on your butt.

In addition to actually doing cardio . . . running, jumping rope — moving the actual area in question, the only other solution is in your diet. Below are some things you can do to your diet to help reduce the appearance of cellulite:

  • Hydrate (8-10 glasses a day) and reduce your intake of sodium and sugar. Sodium and sugar cause fluid retention and cause your fat cells to enlarge.
  • Eat a cleaner diet. Reduce or completely rid your diet of things that have been processed and eat food that is as close to nature as possible. Reduce your meat intake — try vegetarian at least twice weekly.
  • Fruits and vegetables should rule your refrigerator — eat them all of the time.
  • Add Kelp . . . in pill form or sprinkle it on your food. Kelp is supposed to help reduce body fat. (I haven’t done this one yet — but am headed to Whole Foods today for some).

I know it sounds too simple — but paired with good cardio sessions (at least 3 weekly), targeted butt exercises (I’ll give you more), a clean diet really will help reduce your cellulite. Take an honest look at what you eat — and think of areas that you could make some improvements. Don’t be in denial about what you eat — you can make changes TODAY. It’s never too late to start. And this doesn’t mean you are punishing yourself or that you will never eat something fun again. Just make it a habit to eat clean — and on rare occasion, treat yourself to what you love.

Tomorrow I will talk about topical treatments — things that do cost money for sure — but I’ve heard that they work . . . .

And, to get you started, here is a fantastic recipe from my girl Martha — vegetarian and clean. A great meal to start your cellulite attack! Couscous salad with roasted vegetables from Martha Stewart

Have this for dinner:

June 7, 2011 Comments Off

OK, when I say that I love this salad, I mean, it was so good that I made it 2 nights in a row. I basically drank the dressing. You have to be a little careful with the jalepeno (my grandpa used to say “jalepeeeee-no”) — make sure you take out most of the seeds. I do like the heat of it though and it really is necessary for the dressing to be perfect. The only thing I might add are some raw peanuts or soy nuts, the extra crunch would have been a great addition.

Enjoy! I’ll see you tomorrow with your summer playlist!

Asian Chicken Salad – Martha Stewart Recipes.

Monday Move

May 9, 2011 Comments Off

HI Mamas, did you have a happy mother’s day? My weekend was full of family and friends and I am exhausted here on a Monday morning! What better to combat exhaustion than a good workout! When you are tired you tend to crave simple carbs (because your body craves immediate energy) and you may want to blow off a workout. That’s why on days like that, it’s important to start off with a good breakfast and make sure you are getting good fuel all day. AND, getting in a good workout will also help your energy. I may even do a double header today — a ballet sculpt class and a short run . . . we’ll see!

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