Fashion Saturday – Prismsport

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Prismsport showroom during my “research trip” to NYC! This was my first real experience shopping a fitness line for my studio – it was an educational experience and so fun to meet the founders and understand their vision for this brand. What was great though was to feel the product, try on some pieces and see what’s coming up in the next year! There are some track pants coming in January that I am already coveting.

 The pants are a dream . . . . the material is so flattering and smooths out the rear-end (if you know what I mean). And, they are anti CAMEL TOE! ! A real problem with most workout pants. I don’t know many if any women who love the toe. Just say “no to the toe”

Shop the Prismsport website and trust me when I tell you that you will LIVE in their pants – from studio to the grocery store to lunch date. My favorite is the Python and the Daisy and of course, camo. And, you get a discount just for knowing me!!! When you check out, apply code: ACTTB and you will get 15% off your order!

It’s a full moon . . .

Kim_cover_web_2I mean, it really is an epic ass. It should have it’s own area code.

Funniness aside, why are we okay with this, but when Alyssa Milano did a breastfeeding selfie, people were all up in arms? Please tell me what the difference is between Alyssa’s Selfie and Kim’s Belfie? And why Kim is getting praise while Alyssa is getting flak for sexualizing breast feeding. And, I’m wondering where most of the criticism is coming from?


Fashion Friday: You had me at jumpsuit . . .

I think people are scared to wear the jumpsuit – but really, if you try, you would be very surprised how good it will look. In addition, it makes you suck in your stomach!

This jumpsuit comes from Carbon 38, my new fave fitness fashion website. Check out all my favorite brands including Prismsport (coming to Hot Mamas very soon!), Koral (this jumpsuit), Vimmia (coming to Hot Mamas too), and more.

Koral Vector Jumpsuit.